Our First Meetup of the Year: January 10 6pm (details below)

A "traditional" REIA provides an environment for investors to meet and exchange investment strategies, as well as learn about current real estate market conditions with the common goal of building wealth through investments.

However, THRIVE REIA is more. Much more. Not only will you learn all of the above, but you will also learn the skills necessary to succeed both inside and outside real estate.

  • Online & Offline Marketing Strategies
  • Personal Development Skills
  • Setting a High Achiever Mindset
  • Positioning yourself as an expert authority in any niche, market, or industry
  • All this and much MUCH more!!!

How will you learn all these things?

  • Monthly in-person meetups with industry leaders
  • Webinars & podcasts with exclusive guests in the real estate & marketing space
  • Online tutorials that cover sales, marketing, technology, and personal development
  • Industry whitepapers
  • Original and curated news, stories, case studies, and exclusive publications
  • ...all in the Members' Area

In the meantime, become a Charter Member at a RIDICULOUS price (it will NEVER be lower).

UPDATE: Our first Meetup will be on January 10, 2017 at 1515 Restaurant & Lounge in Walnut Creek (upstairs).
RSVP here - even if you're already a Thrive REIA Charter Member.

*** Membership will NEVER be offered at a lower price. ***