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Thrive REIA January 2017 Meetup

Hey there, our video finally rendered and we posted it on Youtube. You can find it here.

Or just watch the embedded video below.

We all had a blast. We got to hear real estate super investor Aaron Amuchastegui tell us his story, what he's doing now, and where his business is headed.

We also got some to hear credit score hacks from Eric Lawson, as well as the incredible networking opportunity you can only get when you come to live in-person events.

Deals were made here, y'all.

Remember, this is the ONLY time we'll be sharing the actual video of a live event here on Thrive REIA.

Subsequent Meetups will be recorded but they will only be available to Thrive REIA members.

Remember, your net worth depends on your network – and coming to these live events are the single-best thing you can do for yourself, your business, and your net worth.

Of course, as a Thrive REIA member, you will have access to many other tools, resources, and information…however, 12 monthly events will go a long way towards securing your financial future.

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