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As you may know, I have been investing in South Bend, Indiana, and have found some great opportunities there. After some research, I started looking at opportunities in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and some of the surrounding bedroom communities.

I was out visiting my properties in South Bend a couple weeks ago and also spent a few days in Fort Wayne. I am very impressed with Fort Wayne and will be focusing my buying efforts there as well. I just passed my real estate exam and will be hanging my license with an investor-friendly broker there in Fort Wayne. She happens to help run the local REIA there in town.

By networking through Bigger Pockets, I met this broker so that’s just a reminder to tap into your network. I have a boots on the ground there now and just sent out my first mailing to absentee owners. I am implementing a frustrated landlord campaign. My buddy from Arkansas landed about 12 deals in the last two months by using this marketing approach.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on my new acquisitions moving forward to show you some Midwest cashflow!

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